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Nov 24th to 26th, SIAL 2014 DUBAI, Kitra Industries participated in Sial Abu Dhabi November.[...]

May 8th 2009, Kitra Industries participated in the one of the largest HALAL Exhibition 2009 organized by the MATRADE.[...]

Feb 21st to 24th, Gulf Food 2010 Dubai, Gulfood 2010 is one of the largest and most important industry events at Dubai. Please visit us at the Exhibition. .[...]

Licensed Halal & MPOB

Coconut Products

Coconut trees wildly grown in tropical countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc mostly around the equator line. Coconut fruits have been well known for it's multi purpose usage for food and non-food industry.

We are able to offer premium grade coconut based food products to our esteemed clients around the world. We practice 100% stringent quality control on the products we export. We are one of the first to pack our high fat desiccated coconut using a method known as vacuum packaging. Such method enables us to retain the freshness of desiccated coconut and maintain the total plate count bacteria level below 5000.

Low/High Fat Desiccated Coconut
Desiccated coconut is derived from shredded fresh coconut meat dried to a delicious crunchy and fibrous texture. Desiccated Coconut is also available in two types, that is, high fat (minimum 60% fat) and low fat (maximum 50% fat). It does not contain any preservatives or additives. Desiccated coconut is ideally use as fillers, toppings and as ingredients especially for food manufacturers such as bakeries. Also, popularly used as topping for cakes and pastries; centres for buns; decorations; etc.

Coconut Milk Powder
Made by soaking the grated flesh of the coconut in hot water or scalded milk, then straining the combination. Coconut milk is classified as thick, thin, or coconut cream. Thick coconut milk is the result of the first soaking and squeezing. If this milk is refrigerated it separates, and the top layer is the cream. Powder-like, fine texture, and white, coconut milk powder is manufactured through the spray drying process of raw unsweetened coconut cream. Perfect for baking and instant mixes, this water soluble coconut cream powder comes with a fine powdery texture and has an irresistibly rich aroma of coconut. Add to cooking and baking for an extra dose of delight. Adjust ratio of water to powder for desired consistency.

  • Beverages: Non-dairy creamers, syrup, milk shakes, cocktails
  • Confectionary: Pies, bread, cookies, biscuits, cakes, candy, fillings
  • Food ingredient: Curry, spices, savory rice, gravies, butter, soups, coconut jam
  • Flavoring agents: Salad dressing, dips, sauces, ice cream, yogurt, desserts i.e. pudding, custards, pancakes, home and catering cooking


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