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May 8th 2009, Kitra Industries participated in the one of the largest HALAL Exhibition 2009 organized by the MATRADE.[...]

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Palm Products

Within a short period of at least 5 years, we are proud to say that our brands of palm oil have been exported to more than 50 countries in the overseas market. We take pride in our commitment to promote palm oil in the international market. Palm oil is said to be nature gift to the world. Oil palm produces the highest yield edible oil compared to other vegetable fats. With a history of 5,000 years, it has proven to be one of the top quality of edible oil. The two biggest populated nations in the world, India and China are major consumers of palm oil.

Many of the food we eat are made with palm oil. For instance, baked confectioneries, instant noodles, baby formula,cake mixes,breakfast bars,potato chips, crackers and fast food such as french fries. Palm oil is abundant, and is increasingly recognized as having an increasingly important role to play in a healthy, balanced diet. Perhaps this is why palm oil has become the largest internationally traded vegetable oil in the world paving its acceptance in the global market. About 90% of palm oil currently goes into food applications and the remaining 10% goes into non-food applications.

Palm Cooking Oil

Palm olein is the main source of cooking and frying oils in Malaysian and Indonesian homes. Palm oil, with its moderate linoelic acid content and high level of natural antioxidants, is suitable for direct use in most frying applications. Palm oil used domestically, in restaurants, fast food outlets and in large-scale preparation of fried potato products and other snack foods in large-scale food manufacture. In the East, a comparable use is in the preparation of instant noodles.

With good temperature control and cleanliness of the oil by filtration, palm oil products have an exceptionally good shelf life in the frying process and are therefore economical.

We could offer palm cooking oil in varieties of packaging such as in jerrycan, PET Bottle, tin, Bag In Box, Flexibag, Pouch, etc.

Palm Shortening

Palm oil is mainly used as a bakery shortening to produce cakes, butter cream fillings, biscuits and pastry. A texturized palm oil shortening contributes to smoothness, and is essential in cake making and creaming applications.


Palm Kernel Oil is suitable and commonly used in the chocolate production. Although palm kernel oil based cocoa butter substitutes do not match the sharp solid fat content of a cocoa butter, it is competitive and suitable for most confectionery.

We could offer palm shortening in different slip melting point and packaging in carton 15kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs and 220kgs.


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